Strengthening Your Brand By Creating An Instagram Aesthetic

Frequently associated with Instagram, the essence of a social media presence now revolves around your “aesthetic.” Instagram’s algorithm has shown that brands capable of cultivating and sustaining a distinct aesthetic can elevate their overall visibility and translate impressions into sales. Crafting a style guide, formulating a social media strategy, and maintaining organization are pivotal steps to partake in this success.

Understanding Your Brand Visually

Elements such as colors, shapes, textures, and typefaces play a significant role in establishing your style. Once you’ve established your target market and refined your brand message, you can commence the process of harmonizing colors and moods that align with your objectives. Developing a visual understanding of your brand through a style guide involves asking crucial questions:

  • What is my brand message?
  • Who are my followers?
  • What colors embody our brand? 
  • Are we exuberant and playful or poised and sophisticated?

Considering moods and tones is an additional tip. Assess whether working with vibrant colors aligns with your brand or if a neutral color palette would better resonate with your clients.

Establishing a Consistent Editing Process

After gaining confidence in your color palette and comprehending your brand’s visual message, selecting a filter becomes essential. Consistency in editing is achieved by using the same (or similar) filters and hues across your images. Employing tools like Lightroom or VSCO is beneficial, providing a range of free and paid filters. Once you’ve chosen and adjusted a filter to your liking, you can apply the same edits to every image, ensuring a uniform aesthetic for your theme.

Organizing Your Content

Maintaining consistency in colors and mood sets a strong foundation. Now, focus on determining the type of content you will share. Will it primarily consist of product pictures, or will you intersperse quotes to diversify the grid? Scheduling your content in advance empowers you to observe your theme evolve, allowing control over the message you convey on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Pantone, for example, strategically organizes a series of similar swatches in grids, creating a seamless transition between their diverse color range.

For efficient scheduling and planning, recommended apps include Sprout Social, Sendible, and Hootsuite. Each offers unique features to assist you in viewing your content to ensure that your theme and aesthetic is cohesive before it goes live.

By following these three simple steps, you can kickstart your Instagram presence and amplify your exposure. Your aesthetic evolves into your identity, etching a lasting impression on clients and followers as they scroll through their feeds. Dedicate time to create your style and gain a profound understanding of how you want to visually represent yourself. A robust Instagram aesthetic is not just a short-term trend; it transforms into your enduring identity.